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Reasons to Do a Home Inspection Before Buying a Home


The home buying process is an arduous and quite complicated one. Although there is so much excitement right from the moment you got the approval for a loan down to the beginning of your search, the fact remains that the rest of the way is something you surely hope to skip. This includes the negotiations, signing of the contract, and check writing. But then again, all those are part of the entire process, which means you can't just buy a house and then move in in a day or two. Everyone needs to go through the process, including the home inspection.


One of the most critical mistakes home buyers make is trying to skip the home inspection, feeling very confident that they property they're buying is in tiptop condition. For the most part, everything is what it seems; however, there always will be some secrets hidden inside. The reason why not everyone is sold on doing home inspections right before signing the contract to buy a home is because most people want to skip on paying home inspection services from $300 to $500. Well, if you don't recognize the importance of it, you might end up paying more on repairs that you never knew existed.


Here's a good set of reasons why you should hire Home Inspection Services before inking a contract to buy it:


1. If the home inspector's findings reveal that there are certain components or parts of the home that compromises its condition, it means you now have some major costs to cover, specifically on repair and maintenance, should you decide to purchase the house. But those findings also help you reassess your decision and if you feel like it's not fair for you to cover those costs, then you can back out of the offer to buy it. Without home inspection, there's no way you can see problems in the property that aren't visible to the naked eye. To understand more about real estate, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate_development.


2. If there are some safety issues with the property, a comprehensive home inspection will reveal them. Some of the things you never can detect on your own but can easily be seen by a home inspection are mold growth and infestation, carbon monoxide leak, and radon. In the contract, be sure there is a provision stating that if health hazards are found in the inspection, you have the right to cancel the offer to purchase.


3. Also, you might come across a property that has seen a substantial number of additions. While this is generally a good thing, it could actually put you in trouble if those additions were completed without securing a permit or following the local area's building code. Remember that without Careful Home Inspections, you will be clueless as to the status of the permits of those additions. And when you buy a home with illegal installations, you will have problems with insurance coverage, taxes, and the value of the property will be affected.


The bottom line is when you're about to purchase a home, it falls within your responsibility to get to know the property as much as possible. Remember that buying a house is undoubtedly the biggest investment you made so far. You can't mess it up.